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BLOG POST – Summer 2021

Posted on December 28th, 2020

COVID AND MENTAL HEALTH: 2020 – Spring at last – a season of hope. Great news about the vaccines but it’s not all over yet – far from it. However, recovery will take time, not least in the nation’s mental health. The UK has been, and still is, experiencing psychological trauma at levels unseen except in time of war. However, its not 1940 anymore, so stiff upper lips, keeping calm and carrying on, and ‘Britain can take it’, are no longer in fashion. People need help with all the ways that this national disaster has  impacted on their mental well-being. had. Reaching out for help is a sign of strength, not weakness. It shows maturity, common sense, a concern for others, and the courage to work through your problems.   

How can you start help? Well first of all help yourself. How are you getting on? Why not do a self-check? Have a look back at how you have changed over teh last 18 months or so. Are you sadder, more stressed, less able to cope? Have any pre-existing problems got any worse? If you are concerned then first of all try and make some positive changes. Exercise more, eat healthily, and above all talk to somebody about what’s worrying you. Anybody will do. A close relative or partner, a family friend, a neighbour, anyone who will listen. Of course, you can always contact a therapist. If you are particularly worried then you really should get professional help. All this advice goes for people you know too. If they seem troubled then it’s a simple job to jut start talking to them.

Remember: Professional help is only a phone call away. Have a good 2021 everybody!