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Blog Post – March 2014


Well, it looks like winter is easing a bit at last and there are hints that we might soon be starting to enjoy some better weather. This is something that we all can look forward to. However, before winter loses it grip, it is worth remembering that bleak weather, just by itself, can sometimes cause us to become depressed. Any of us can get the winter blues. Of course, in many cases the answer is to just tough it through. Cheer yourself up somehow – meet your friends; take some exercise; have a nice hot bowl of soup; have a comfortable evening in the warm – whatever floats your boat. Sometime, however, if somebody becomes sufficiently depressed they might become what therapists call ‘of clinical significance’. When that happens we might not be talking about the winter blues anymore.  We might be dealing with a case of Seasonal Affective Disorder, (SAD).